What is Alexander technique ?

The Alexander technique is a movement technique that teaches people how to treat their bodies. It improves posture, relieves muscle contraction, and facilitates body movement. This method eliminates bad habits such as squatting or contracting muscles (which can lead to pain, decreased mobility, and other problems) and turn them into suitable postures. The goal of this method is rebalance the body by increasing awareness of the body, performing movements, and touching. And it does this by modifying the way the back and spine are aligned with the head and neck.

Proponents and teachers of this Technique believe the technique can address a variety of health conditions, but there is a lack of research to support the claims. As of 2015, there was evidence suggesting the Alexander Technique may be helpful for long-term back pain, long-term neck pain, and could help people cope with Parkinson’s disease. Both the American health insurance company Atena and the Australian Department of Health have conducted reviews and concluded that there is insufficient evidence for health claims to warrant insurance coverage. (Source of this paragraph is Wikipedia)

What is the history of the Alexander technique?

The founder of this method was Frederick Alexander, an Australian actor who had a hoarseness problem while playing on stage. When medicine and rest could not help him, his job situation was in danger. Using a mirror, he noticed that when he sang certain pieces on stage, he held his head in a way that caused the neck muscles to contract. And he remembered that he has had this habit for a long time. So he worked hard to improve the way he held his head. He noticed that when he did this, his voice returned to normal.

Based on this personal success, he invented the Alexander method around 1896. And then in 1910, he published his first book, Man`s supreme inheritance. He was very successful because other actors and singers asked him for help. He eventually gave up acting and created a codified program to popularize his method.

How does it work?

Alexander believes proper relation between the head, neck, and spine is essential for good health.
Improper head position in relation to the neck and spine, for example, can cause muscle contraction and pain. Once the head, neck, and spine are in a proper position with each other. The body feels comfortable and relaxed. By practicing this method, not only you can reduce muscle contraction and pain. Also, the body’s natural activities such as breathing and normal limb movements are performed much more naturally and easily.

It is recommended that you use this method for your personal activities as well. For example, if you are a tennis player, a coach can teach you the right posture situations.
This Method teachers encourage you to apply what you have learned in your daily life. Gradually – sometimes even with 6 to 8 sessions – people in these training courses begin to observe the correct situations in their daily life. they do.

the health benefits of Alexander technique

You can learn the techniques of this method individually or in groups. In a session that lasts about 45 minutes, the teacher will show you how to walk, stand, sit, lie down, and bend over properly. You should wear comfortable, loose – fitting clothing.
You will learn to relax your neck muscles so that your head rests and in balance on your neck. And it allows you to stretch your back. Like, teaches you to sit at a desk and talk on the phone. There are bad habits, such as placing the phone between your head and shoulders. This puts your neck in a bad position. You should replace it with the right habits, such as sitting upright with your shoulders straight while holding the phone to your ear.

In this method, people get acquainted with the correct posture and posture, improve body balance and reduce muscle contraction. In addition, this method increases the general health of the body and soul for many clients.
People who have chronic back and neck pain or other painful conditions such as osteo arthritis have reported that their pain is relieved after learning the procedure. These techniques can also help with stress – related illnesses such as migraines and neuralgia.
You should note that few scientific studies have been conducted to evaluate these techniques, and therapeutic claims are largely empirical.

Children’s behavioral habits in body shaping

People from the age of 12 to 15 have balance in their body and there is no need to correct their behavior.

But by entering a new era, the shape and form of the body completely express the wrong behaviors and habits in walking, sitting and standing.

When a person repeatedly performs a series of wrong behaviors and habits, the body deviates from its standard state and form.

Have you ever noticed a teenager who has a bad shoulder shape or waist?
This teenager has lived for years with the wrong methods and habits
And after a while, these factors have caused the body to deviate from its correct or so – called standard form.


This method is safe for everyone, even pregnant women if taught by an expert teacher. In fact, many pregnant women have reported that these techniques have helped them adjust to the bodily changes of pregnancy and reduce the pressure on their spine.

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