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Beautiful eyebrows can change the shape of the face, and having well-proportioned and balanced eyebrows plays a big role in the beauty of the face. In the following article, we will explain the types of eyebrow shapes according to the types of face shapes. So you can choose the right eyebrow model for yourself.

It has happened a lot that you have gone to beauty salons but you are not satisfied after your eyebrow makeup. We are not going to talk about your hairdressing skills, but it is very important to determine the right eyebrow shape for your face shape.

The first thing you need to know is that there are about 6 types of face shapes. It is very important to know what the shape of your face is; In this case, you can have the right makeup for your face shape and choose the right eyebrow model with it.

Beautiful eyebrows models for oval face

We first look at the features of an oval face. The forehead is wider than the chin, the cheeks are prominent and the chin is narrow. If your face model is oval, your eyebrow shape should have a slight angle and arch. This means going straight ahead, then slowly curving up and down. Your eyebrow model should not have a lot of arches, otherwise, your face will not look symmetrical.

Beautiful eyebrows model for round face

In the round face shape, the cheekbones are wider. If your face model is round, the arched eyebrow model is a good option for you. That is, go up from the beginning of the eyebrow to the middle and then go down. This eyebrow model makes your face look more elongated. Since the goal is to make your face look less round, you should avoid eyebrow models that are too round or flat.

Beautiful eyebrows model for oblong face

If you have an oblong face, you have a forehead, cheeks, and jaw that are about the same width and you have a narrow chin. If your face model is oblong, the best eyebrow model for you is a straight model. Straight horizontal lines make your face look shorter, thus helping to balance your face. Therefore, avoid angled eyebrow models as much as possible, because these models show your face more elongated.

Eyebrow model suitable for square face

Those with a square face have almost the same forehead, cheeks, and jawline. The jawline is the most prominent feature of a square face.

If you have a square face shape, it is recommended to use an arched and curved eyebrow to soften the square shape of your face. But do not make it too sharp or upward, nor make it a crescent-shaped model; Just follow the natural arch of your eyebrow a little.

Eyebrow model suitable for heart – shaped face

This face shape is really similar to the oval model, the biggest difference is that people with heart – shaped faces have a narrow chin.

If your face is heart – shaped, the best eyebrow shape for you is an arched and curved eyebrow model. But do not make it too sharp or round, but follow the natural shape of your eyebrow. Avoid flat eyebrows because this model does not show your chin is balanced.

Beautiful Eyebrows for a diamond face

This type of face shape is not as common as other face shapes. The face is very angular and the forehead is short and wide at the temples. If you are one of those people who have this type of face, look for an arched and curved eyebrow. This will help you to soften the angles of your face and imagine that your face is symmetrical. To do an arched eyebrow, just follow the natural shape of the eyebrow.

Select eyebrow model based on eye and eyebrow distance

If the distance between your eyes and your eyebrows is short, it is better to remove under your eyebrows to increase the distance between them. This will help make your face more beautiful and open.

If the distance between your eyes and eyebrows is large, it is better to remove the top of your eyebrows to reduce this distance. The best choice of eyebrow model for such faces is a wide eyebrow, which helps a lot to make the face more beautiful.

Select eyebrow model based on eye distance

Some people have close eyes, but they can enhance the beauty of their face by modeling their eyebrows correctly so that the distance between their eyes looks appropriate. Long and upward eyebrows are the most suitable type of eyebrows for these people. And the worst kind of eyebrows for them is sharp and close eyebrows.

People whose eyes are far apart can adjust this distance by bringing the crown of the eyebrows closer to each other and double the beauty of their face.

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