Knowing the shape of the face in fashion and beauty is very important. If you know the shape of your face well, you can choose the beautiful hairstyle, the right cosmetics, and other items such as sunglasses for yourself. It is better to know that no one’s face shape is exactly like the other person.

Of course, when styling your hair, you should also pay attention to the hair color, volume, and texture of your hair.

Beautiful Hairstyle for Oblong Face Shape

Those with a rectangular face shape should work on rounding their jaws and foreheads, without stretching their face. For example, a short patchwork pattern that covers the corners of your face can improve the appearance of your cheekbones. However, you should be careful to avoid oval and elongated styles, because it makes your face look more elongated. If you want to choose a long hairstyle for your hair, try to style it puffy, curly. They increase the width of your face and round the sharp sides of your face.

To curl your hair, choose informally curled models that curl of the neck instead of curly hair at the top. So that your face does not become more elongated, and also choose round and beautiful models that make your jawbone more prominent. When choosing a model for your bangs, choose thin, angled, round, or curtain- bangs instead of square.

The best haircut for people with an oblong face is a hairstyle that makes their faces look shorter and fuller. If you have an oblong face, keep your hair short, but it shouldn’t be at the level of your chin

Hairstyles For Square Faces

The square face features a broad forehead, broad cheekbones, and prominent jawbone. So if you have a square face. You should definitely choose a short model that softens these features to have an admirable look. For a hairstyle that complements a bony face, consider a side parting style that reduces the square shape of your face. Long hair with thin layers can also be beautiful for you and help make the sides of your face look round. If you like short hairstyles, choose short and layered bob hairstyles. But remember to add a side- swept bangs to your hairstyle that draw attention from the jawbone to the cheekbones.

Beautiful Haircut For Heart-Shaped Faces

If your face is heart-shaped, the features of your face are having a broad forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jawline and chin. So your goal should be to fit your face, with short models that reduce the width of your forehead and increase the width of the lower half of your face. For example, long hairstyles with crooked partings while showing the part of your forehead that is narrower. It causes the eyes to be sewn to the lower half of your face. You can also curl your hair from under your ears to match the sides of your jaw to your face.

Another option is a crooked pixie hairstyle with a down that this hairstyle can also look great with a heart-shaped face, as well as bob or lob hairstyles that will definitely make your jaws fuller and more prominent.

Hairstyles For Oval Faces

If your face shape is oval, you should consider yourself lucky because of the good fit of your face shape. Oval faces can be suitable for different types of short models. If you are looking for a special style, you should choose long wavy hair or short crop hair. One-piece short and long bob hairstyles with short layers are especially stylish for those ladies who have an oval face and like short hair. If you prefer long hair, choose a style that has very few layers and its shape is wavy or curly to prevent your face.

Beautiful Haircut for

Diamond-Shaped Faces

Diamond faces are angular faces characterized by a narrow forehead and jawbone with cheekbones that are the widest part of the face. To have a beautiful appearance, those women should aim to round the sharp angles of the cheekbones and balance them. For a more angular face, mix medium or long hairstyles with a view and choose a side part. If you want to widen the appearance of the jaw, bob model that is up to the chin is the best. If you want to show off your cheekbones and flatten the look of your forehead, you can try a ponytail.

Hairstyle For Round Faces

Round-shaped faces usually have the same length and width of the face and round and prominent cheeks. Therefore, the most suitable hairstyle for women with round faces is a hairstyle that gives an angle. In particular, long layered hair and messy pixie hairstyles look more like this. If you want to choose a layered hairstyle, choose a long one whose dazzling layers start somewhere around the jawbone. You can add one-sided bangs to your hairstyle that is up to your eyes and helps your face look longer. We have to tell you to avoid this hairstyle: bob hairstyles and short one-piece hairstyles with short layers. It can make your round face look like a balloon. And full curls hairstyle that can make your face look rounder.

Beautiful Hairstyle for Triangular Faces

Triangular faces are characterized by a prominent jawbone that is wider than the forehead and a chin that is square or flat. For this purpose, for women whose face is triangular, a hairstyle should be chosen that fits the jaw and the lower part of the face, which is large. To do this, choose a short model that is layered and makes large parts of your face less visible. However, you should definitely ask your hairdresser to cut the layers of your hair somewhere around the eyes and the cheekbones or clavicle, because if they are up to the chin, it will draw attention to your jaw.

So do not choose short models that are flat, because they will focus more on your jaw. If you like short hairstyles, try messy pixie hairstyles. When it comes to bangs, a more or less sloping bangs is, while you should not choose full and long tilt bangs.

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