Captagon, which is known as jihadi pill, cocaine of the poor and fentyline, is a stimulant drug. And it is known as a prodrug. This medicine is sold in the market under the names Biocapten and Fiton. This drug has many fans due to its cheapness and availability compared to other drugs . And it is popular among young people.

It is a compound from amphetamine and meth – amphetamine. This drug, which is a narcotic drug, is one of the prohibited and illegal drugs that has energizing properties. And it also makes a person feel happy. But this is one of the psychoactive substances that have a negative effect on the brain.
In fact taking this drug increases the possibility of some mental disorders.

History of Captagon tablets

It is a drug in high demand in the Middle East. Pharmaceutical companies first developed Captagon in 1961 as an alternative to meth – amphetamine and amphetamine. And physicians used this drug to treat psychological disorders such as hyperactivity and attention deficit, sleep disorders and depression.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) never approved this drug . In 1981, the medical community recognized the addictiveness of this drug and stated that the addictive effect of this drug outweighed its clinical benefits. So physicians did reduced the use of this drug and eventually stop.

In 1986, almost all countries declared illegal the production of this drug . But the process of its illegal production continued. These pills are bought and sold in different regions of the Middle East, Bulgaria, Turkey, etc. and are so-called smuggled. But these pills bear little resemblance to the pills produced in the 1960s.
These fake pills are often white or yellowish – brown in color and have the captagon pill symbol. But they lack phenytoin, the substance that was first used in the production of this pill. Instead, today manufacturers use other amphetamine derivatives such as caffeine, quinine and paracetamol to make this pill, which is easier to produce.

Symptoms of using these tablets

When someone takes this pill, the following symptoms will appear in her or him . In fact Captagon is a stimulant drug. And its symptoms are also similar to those of glass, X pills, or other amphetamine compounds. Some of the symptoms of Captagon include the following:

Feeling euphoric; Exuberance and happiness too much
Increasing energy
increasing the self confiedence
Decreased need for sleep
Increased heart rate
Artificial insomnia

Complications of using these tablets

Taking these tablets has many side effects. The side effects of this substance are different in different people. Gender, weight, amount and also duration of use can affect the severity of the symptoms of this disorder. Some of the most common side effects of Captagon include the following:

Weight loss and problems related to malnutrition
Heart problems such as high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat
Sleep disorder
kidney problems
Muscle cramps
Occurrence of some mental illnesses
Dry mouth
A sense of power and superiority
Cramps and muscle stiffness
Paranoia and psychosis

Captagon tablet and its mechanism of action

This synthetic chemical drug interacts with neuro – transmitters such as dopamine and epinephrine. Side effects of captagon after consumption are similar to cocaine and meth – amphetamine. This drug leads to an increase in dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. And it increases of these neuro – transmitters in the brain stimulates the central nervous system.

Amphetamine has a half-life of 10 hours. Half of the dose of this drug is excreted from the bloodstream. And if it is taken orally, it is absorbed in the stomach and intestines . And it is found in the blood and urine. The consumption of this drug reaches its peak within 12 hours.

Amphetamine stays in the body’s system for 2 to 90 days and alters the body’s processing speed. The shelf life of this medicine is 5 days in urine, 48 hours in blood, 5 days in saliva, and up to three months in hair.

The use of Captagon in wars

One of the uses of this tablet is in wars; War soldiers used this pill before the war. This pill creates false self – confidence, a sense of power and superiority, and as a result encourages a person to fight and destroy rival forces.
On the other hand, the use of these drugs increases a person’s strength and energy. The results of the researchs indicate that ISIS soldiers use this drug before starting their war or activities; This drug has a great effect on increasing violence.


When users try to quit taking Captagon pills, they often encounter strong withdrawal symptoms, including fatigue. These cause them to seek out the drug again.

Captagon abuse can take a severe toll on the body. You need a holistic exercise and nutrition plan that includes health and wellness education, fitness and massage therapy, yoga and meditation to help you create a healthy, well – rounded lifestyle.

The counsellors will help prepare you for a sober life by coaching you to recognise and understand your particular triggers. Ultimately, you’ll build your own plan for sustained sobriety.

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