Cellulite & its appearance and how to deal with it

To treat cellulite, you must first know what is it. Most people, especially women, have it without knowing its name. Cellulite is actually the same orange peel that is caused by the presence of fat cells under the skin or the same layer of the epidermis. Many people are dissatisfied with the presence of cellulite on their bodies and constantly complain that the presence of it has affected their self – confidence.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a type of fat that appears differently on the skin. The cause of cellulite should be defined as the fact that this particular type of subcutaneous fat is trapped between the muscles and the fibers that connect the skin to the muscle, and with the pressure that the fat bags put on the skin tissue, they give the skin an orange appearance. It is often seen in women because the volume of fiber in the joint and connective tissues is higher. And it can be the result of female hormones level. Cellulite may also be seen in young women, but is more common in older people due to thinning skin. With the increase of fat and relaxation of body muscles, the percentage of cellulite increases.

You should know that cellulite can be seen in any part of the body where fat accumulates, such as the abdomen, arms, etc. but it often occurs in the buttocks and thighs. These areas have more fat and therefore are more likely to develop cellulite of the thigh and cellulite of the legs and sometimes even cellulite of the abdomen. Do not think that having cellulite means that you are overweight, even thin people may have cellulite.

Other causes of skin cellulite are unhealthy diet, sudden weight loss or gain, lack of exercise, dehydration, body fat percentage, and poor metabolism. Of course, genetics also play a role in cellulite, and if your mother has cellulite, you are more likely to get it. Of course, the presence of cellulite does not cause any problems for the health of the body and in fact, it is not harmful. But it is better to work to eliminate them to have a more beautiful appearance.

What is the treatment for cellulite?

Your body stores toxins in fat cells to reduce the amount of them in vital organs. One of the keys to treating this condition is to remove toxins from your body and also reduce the chance of them re-entering. Of course, by preventing toxins from entering the body, in addition to reducing cellulite, you have also contributed greatly to your health. there are different solutions for the treatment of cellulite in the body that by following them, you can succeed in eliminating cellulite up to a large percentage:

healthy diet

Eat a diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy protein, and whole grains, and minimize the consumption of beverages and processed foods such as white bread, carbonated and energy drinks, and of course sugar. Some studies have shown that caffeine consumption worsens the body’s cellulite status because it affects its flow and oxygen supply to the body’s tissues. Quit smoking because it causes toxic and dangerous substances to enter the body.

Eating foods that are high in salt cause more fat cells to swell, which in turn causes cellulite to become more visible. So it is better to control your sodium intake and regulate potassium absorption by eating large amounts of fibrous foods, bran, and oats. Also, eating something such as grains, fruits and vegetables eliminate and excretes toxic and useless substances from the intestines.

Drink plenty of water and try to increase this amount to 2-4 liters per day. Drinking enough water removes toxins from the body and helps cleanse the body. It can also be effective in eliminating fat. Water strengthens the collagen and connective tissues of the skin, making the skin firmer. Drinking enough water also has a positive effect on reducing wrinkles on the skin. It worsens when there is not enough water in your tissues and inside your body. Lack of water makes the skin thinner and weaker; When the skin is thin, it becomes more visible.


Since cellulite is fat, being overweight causes cellulite to increase, and if you want to know what is the best way to treat it, you should look for exercise such as walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, etc. Exercise regularly and try to repeat this period three times a week or even more. By sweating during exercise, you also excrete toxins through your skin.

It is good to know some exercises that help reduce cellulite in the body. What is important about these movements is that they should be done in large numbers for both legs. By doing these movements continuously, you will see the effects of reducing the body’s cellulite. Exercise is a definitive treatment for this problem.

Useful exercises

Pistol or squat: Stand and spread your legs slightly apart. Bring one leg forward but do not bend the knee. Bring your two hands forward and bring them together so that you can maintain your balance. Get your body in a sitting position and lower yourself, putting your weight on the heel. Then stand again by tightening the serine muscles.

Lounge to the sides: Stand with your legs shoulder – width apart and your toes facing forward. Bend one knee at a 90 – degree angle and try to pull your body toward the same knee, putting your weight on the same leg and keeping the other leg straight. And do not forget to tighten the serine muscles.

Lounge back on the stepper: The stepper is one of the sports equipment that is slightly above the ground. So that you can easily go on it and then go down. You can use a short stool at home. Stand one to two steps ahead of the stepper. Place one foot on the stepper with the big toe on the surface and the heel facing up. Bend your other knee and bring your body to the ground so that both knees are at a 90-degree angle. Keep in mind that the knee should not protrude beyond the ankle. Tighten the serine muscles and place the weight on the knee, which is bent forward and on the floor.

One – legged bridge movement: Lie on your back on the floor. Bend both knees and bring the heel close to the hips. Raise one of your legs and straighten your knee. Keep your feet upright and lift your hips off the ground to tighten the serine muscles to form a bridge and rest on the floor.

Anti – cellulite massage

What is cellulite massage; Massage an area of ​​the body that has cellulite daily to increase blood flow to those areas and reduce and regulate interstitial fluid. It is in this state that the skin becomes smoother over time. Also, the lymph flow in the skin eliminates the toxins in the fat layer, which may cause more inflammation and swelling of the cellulite. Cellulite massage can be done with a special brush or with the help of hands. A special brush or massager refers to models that have numerous protrusions on their bodies that massage fats.

Do not think that massage is a useless solution, in fact, this method is effective in eliminating it of the legs and buttocks, and when you continue the massage continuously for several weeks, you will see its effect. That it is better to do massage before bathing. Another anti – cellulite solution is to take a bath with a few minutes of warm water and a few minutes of cold water. This allows more blood to circulate, resulting in better cell replacement and improved metabolism.

Use Anti – Cellulite Gels And Creams

Since cosmetics manufacturers are looking for products for every skin problem that can reduce skin complications and problems, and they tried to produce types of gels, creams, and special brushes to reduce it.
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