Concealer is one of the best types of cosmetics to hide dark circles under the eyes, pimples, skin blemishes, etc. A good quality concealer is a key to perfect and beautiful makeup.

Concealers are light – colored compact powders that are used in makeup before or after foundation. Of course, some people believe that it is better after applying foundation . There are several types of concealers on the market: the easy to use stick type, the semi – solid type (cream), and the liquid concealer type.

Types of concealers

Sticky concealers
Stick concealers are used to create complete to medium coverage for dark circles. These thick and creamy concealers are ideal for people with normal, dry, or sensitive skin. Sticky concealers often contain fat and are thick, so one can easily spread them and combine them with other parts of the makeup. If you have oily skin, it is better not to use such concealers.

Powder concealers
These types of concealers are available to people in a compressed form. These light to medium concealers are great for people with normal, semi-dry, sensitive, or combination skin. You can use these concealers for any part of the face. However, you should not use them to cover blemishes or patches of dry, flaky skin.

Liquid concealers
These concealers are available in small compressible tubes or tubes with manual cutting. Such products are very useful for people with normal, combination, oily or sensitive skin. This can provide good coverage for skin prone to blemishes. Unlike stick concealers, liquid cream concealers usually do not wrinkle. Their light formula makes a good coverage on the face.

The color of the concealers should be one degree lighter than the foundation used. If the color of the concealer is much lighter than the foundation, it will show darker spots instead of covering.

Features of concealer under the eyes

One of the important points in makeup is the use of concealer under the eyes. Because if the right concealer is used properly, it will make the face more beautiful and younger. The skin under the eyes is very thin and delicate, and this sometimes causes dark circles under the eyes.

The yellow – toned concealer easily covers these dark circles around the eyes and unifies the complexion. Of course, for very light skin, a shell – colored concealer is used. Some people need slight coverage for the skin under their eyes, so it is better to use sticky concealers.

Concealer color suitable for your skin

Yellow concealer is very suitable for covering dullness and blemishes on light skin.

If you have pale skin, you should choose the lightest color for the concealer, such as light pink or bisque.

If your skin is a little dark, you should go for a concealer in peach or dark peach colors. The skin under the eyes of many women needs two colors of them and they should combine these colors to get a color similar to their skin. Of course, first of all, they must use a corrector and then apply it.

Steps of using

Facial skin preparation

Always prepare your skin using emollients or moisturizers before any makeup. For example, apply a little primer to your face.

Cover dark circles under the eyes

To remove the darkness under the eyes, be sure to choose a concealer that is two degrees lighter in color than your skin. Apply two triangles under the eye of the concealer and then blur it off with a sponge or beauty blender.

Some people have red noses that can be erased using concealer. You can also use concealers to cover the pimples. Instead of using a lot of creams, you can cover the darkness of the acne with a concealer brush.

On the parts where you used the concealer, you have to fix it with a special sponge.

The difference between concealers and other products

The difference between concealers and primers
Many people who are not familiar with professional makeup do not distinguish between concealers and primer. But it is better to know that the basic makeup that starts with the primer ends at the concealer. The primer removes skin oil and closes the pores of the skin. Some brands contain vitamins A, B, and E, which are very good for the skin.

The difference between concealers and correctors
Concealer is different from facial correctors. These modifiers are usually green, peach, pink, etc.

How to use concealer around the eyes correctly

Many women experience wrinkles within an hour or two after using the concealer or shortly thereafter. There are good solutions to this problem.

The correct way to use concealers to cover dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes is to apply the concealer in a triangle under the eyes. Then blur it around the eye skin with a brush.

Concentrated and oily concealers show even the smallest wrinkles under and around the eyes larger and deeper than usual

Use a damp finger or sponge to blur the concealer instead of the brush and apply a blow under the eye.

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