Damaged hair

Hair is one of the assets that you need to be more beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman; No matter how perfect you are or how perfect your makeup is. You won’t look good when your hair is damaged. So, in the first stage, if you have healthy hair, you should take good care of it. What does damaged hair mean? Damaged hair occurs when factors such as friction, heat, and harsh chemical treatments attack the protective outer layer of your hair, or “cuticle.” These factors create cracks in the outer part of the cuticle.
Cracked cuticle causes dullness, dryness, frizziness, and brittleness of hair and makes them susceptible to damage and breakage. If you do not think to treat your problem, this process will continue.

Damaged hair problems

Damaged hair has various problems. It is better to get to know the types of them before knowing the methods of treating damaged hair.

Damaged hair is deprived of natural oils on the outer layer of the hair. The absence of oil on the hair causes the hair to lose its shine. Chemical shampoos whose harmful ingredients are not controlled can strip your scalp and hair of their natural oils. Therefore, it is better to wash your hair less and use shampoos suitable for your hair type.

Hair tangled and knotted
This problem is prone to tangling. Damaged cuticles create friction between hair strands and cause them to tangle. Lack of moisture in the hair can also aggravate this situation. If you have this problem, don’t forget to use a wide tooth comb. Comb your hair from the bottom so as not to put pressure on the roots.

Hair frizzing
When the cuticle is not smooth and in its natural state, it can cause frizz. Frizz can appear in all parts of the hair. Air humidity and damaged hair cause frizz.

In addition to the above problems, the lack of moisture and fat in the hair structure can cause hair brittleness. Especially if you suffer from frizz, your hair becomes thin and brittle and sometimes you see that a piece of your hair is cut off from the rest.

Causes of hair damage

There are many reasons for hair damage, and your problem can be the result of one or more of them. In this section, we explain these reasons.

Heat tools for hair styling
Heat during styling, brushing, curling, or blow-drying can open the hair cuticle and make the hair porous. High temperature is one of the definite causes of damaged hair. If you have to style your hair for an important event, what you should do is blow dry your hair from a distance. Before using heat tools, use a hair protection serum or cream against heat. Also, make sure you towel dry your hair well before you start styling it.

Dechlorinating material oxidizes hair pigments or melanin and in this way causes the hair to become discolored. Because bleach is a chemical that changes the structure of the hair, it damages the hair. After bleaching, the hair becomes dry and frizzy and turns into damaged hair.

Other causes of hair damage include hair coloring, improper combing, chlorine in pool water, and sunlight.

Ways to repair hair

Proper bathroom routine
To treat your hair, you need a bath routine suitable for your hair condition. The products you use should be specially designed for damaged hair or to repair and strengthen hair. For example, there are many different shampoos for damaged hair on the market that you can get. It is necessary to use conditioner and mask to treat damaged hair. By continuing to use these products, you will help treat your damaged hair.

Supplements are capsules or oral tablets that provide vitamins and minerals needed by the body. If your hair problem is due to vitamin deficiency, these supplements will help you. So consult your doctor before using them and take a blood test.

Another method of treating damaged hair is using medical treatments such as PRP and mesotherapy. PRP is one of the minimally invasive treatment methods that have many uses around the world today. In this method, they take some blood from your arm and put it in a machine where a special process is done on it. Then they inject blood into your head. But mesotherapy is the injection of vitamins and nutrients into the scalp, which gradually strengthens your hair. To get help from these methods, be sure to consult a specialist doctor.

You can use nourishing and beneficial oils for hair. Oils such as argan, avocado, coconut, and olive are suitable for this. There are various ways to treat damaged hair. For example, we can mention hair keratin, mesotherapy, and using a homemade hair mask.

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