Clearly,  it is a herbal treatment. The producer claims to alleviate or cure almost all diseases. People use several species, for medicinal purposes eg.  They are Ganoderma lucidum, luteum steyaert, atrum Zhao, Xu, and Zhang. Global, more than 250  species have been described.

Therapeutic Uses

However, in medical practices citation, Ganoderma usually refers to the species of lucidum. lucidum, is a Woody basidio mycotina mushroom belonging to the family of Ganoderma ceae of poly porales. So people widely use in oriental medicine for longevity and health promotion.

This fungus has 400 bio active components. The effect of using different forms of this fungus has been studied in various human and animal studies. These studies identify Some of the features of this fungus. Further studies will prove some of its other medical uses. One of the most important therapeutic use of it is to strengthen the immune system. While some details are not yet conclusive, on – field studies show that it can affect white blood cell genes. White blood cells play an important role in the immune system. In addition, some studies have shown that some forms of these may reduce inflammation.

Many clinical studies have shown that it can play an anti tumor role through the regulation of the immune system. The therapeutic effects of them are attributed to fungal immune modulation proteins (FIPs), poly saccharides, and tri terpenoids. Beside, we have specifically summarized active components of these and their corresponding medical effects. FIPs are small molecular proteins purified from various fungi. Of course, these proteins are functional families of Ganoderma components with anti cancer effects.

Ganoderma Proteins

Four types of immune regulatory proteins, are Lingzhi – 8, Fip – gts, GMI, and Fip – gat. Producers isolate and purify them from Ganoderma. Most of the benefits of these have been observed in people with the disease. However, there is some evidence of the benefits of this fungus for healthy people. It contains organic compounds that can help strengthen the cells of the immune system. It increase the health of the immune system. This fungus was also able to reduce the growth of 5 different pathogenic fungi by 58%. In addition, using it with anti biotics could increase the anti microbial activity of antibiotics.

In addition, these extracts can reduce wound healing time. It’s extract also an anti malarial activity and at the same time can prevent liver damage. Overall, is known to affect white blood cells and immune function. However, we need to do more research to determine the extent of this effect.

 500g Dried Wild Lingzhi Purple Herbal Organic Reishi Mushroom

 Used like tea: Steep ~10 grams of Lingzhi slices in hot water in a tight container for about 30 minutes. Then use this liquid as a tea during the day. Steeping them some more times, until the bitter end.

So boiled with water . Cut mushrooms into slices of 1 gram (or as small as possible ) ; for each time, boil 6 – 10 grams of them in 1 – 1. 8 liters of water, keep them in 1000C about 15 minutes, let this extract water be cool to drink. Boil them again to drink until the bitter end.

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Slices Dried Lucidum Tea Drinks

  • They are used as a body tonic.
  • Also, help to make the skin shine bright.
  • Nourish and heal the eyes.
  • It is used as a drug or elixir. Help to make longevity
  • Help slow down aging
  • Also helps to strengthen the heart muscle. Give a good life.
  • Helps promote blood stream.
  • Help make memory better.
  • In addition, relaxes the nervous system and muscles. Sleep well
  • Helps to improve the senses.


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