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Having beautiful, well-shaped strong and healthy nails is a must for a large percentage of women, and you can see how much it costs and when they spend it. Can we have beautiful nails without implantation and going to the Manicurist In this article, the basic and important points in having healthy nails are brought to you.

How to have healthy nails

Sick nails represent a sick person! Certain types of nail discoloration and growth can be a sign of various diseases of the lungs, heart, kidneys, and liver, as well as diabetes and anemia. Lack of vitamin A and calcium causes dryness and fragility. Lack of protein, folic acid, and vitamin C causes scaling around the nails and lack of hydrochloric acid causes brittleness and cracking of the nails. Inadequate intake of vitamin B12 leads to excessive dryness and dullness and deformity of the nails and zinc deficiency causes white spots on them. Having red skin around the end of the nail due to poor metabolism of fatty acids is essential. Nail problems that need to be treated include bacterial and fungal infections, tumors, and warts.

To have healthy nails, you need to use proper and healthy food. Healthy foods include yogurt, milk, fish, eggs, potatoes, seafood, whole wheat, soy, spinach, almonds, and whole grains. You should drink plenty of water daily and include a variety of vitamins and minerals in your diets such as calcium, vitamin A, B, D, E, manganese, selenium, zinc, creatine, and biotin. Taking a multivitamin can alleviate your worries about getting so many vitamins. A regular and healthy diet equals having a healthy body, skin, hair, and nails.

keep them moist

Apply a moisturizing cream to your hands and nails and massage. Use a moisturizer every night before going to bed to take care of your nails and hands. You can use moisturizers and oils such as flaxseed oil, vitamin E, almond oil, and olive oil to moisturize. Take advantage of the antioxidant properties of aloe vera and green and white tea to have stronger nails. Also, massaging the nails with fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients promote their rapid growth.

Take care of the skin around the root of the nail

The function of the skin at the end of the nail called the cuticle is to protect the nail against bacteria. To care for this area, keep it moist and move it to the end of the nail with a suitable tool so as not to damage it so that the dead skin around the nail is removed. After doing this, you should moisturize it with a moisturizer so that its tissues are not damaged.

Wear gloves to have healthy nails

Wear gloves when doing household chores such as washing dishes or working with chemicals. Most household chores, from gardening to cleaning the bathroom and washing dishes, can kill your hands and nails. Use appropriate gloves to protect your hands when doing household chores, especially when using chemicals and cleaners.

Do not use your nails as tools Healthy nails

Your nails are not tools! They are not hammers, scrapers, door openers. Do not bite them when you are angry. Do not eat the scales around the nails. It is true that despite having long nails, typing and sending messages and removing and putting on the lens is not an easy task. But with repetition, they can be used properly. Another dangerous job for nails is ball games like volleyball and basketball. It is better to have slightly shorter nails to do such exercises or to replace these exercises, you can use other sports activities such as swimming, skiing, Zumba, yoga, etc.


Mayonnaise is one of the ingredients that can help a lot in the health and strength of nails.
This nutrient is made from a combination of egg white and olive oil. It can provide the necessary protein, keratin, and vitamin A for nails.
Therefore, you can use more mayonnaise orally or massage your nails with a small amount of it before going to bed and let it stay until morning.

regular massage

Regular massage of nails with natural oils can promote blood circulation and proper nutrition of nails and help their health and growth.
Oils such as olive or almond and coconut oils.

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