Herpes Simplex

Four billion people worldwide are infected with the herpes virus. Therefore, each of us may have experienced it once. And during the conflict with this wound, we have definitely been looking for a way to get rid of it and treat it. As you know, herpes Simplex has a very unpleasant and painful appearance. However, you should know that HSV is usually harmless and will go away on its own within a few weeks. While some people get cold sores frequently, others never show any symptoms.

What is herpes and how does it occur?
Herpes is actually an infectious lesion that is caused by the activity of the HSV virus in the body. This viral disease has different types and can appear in different areas. Pathogens mostly divided into type 1 (HSV1) and type 2 (HSV2), often cause genital and labial herpes.

Symptoms of herpes

This viral problem appears on the skin with primary and secondary symptoms.

Its primary symptoms are:

Blisters containing clear or yellow fluid are more painful.
Redness and swelling in the desired area
Pain, tingling, burning, or itching
Secondary symptoms also appear in this way: Herpes viruses multiply in skin cells and thus destroy them. This event causes serious and widespread tissue damage and turns it into wounds and small blisters that can quickly open and spread in contact with each other. The blister fluid contains a large amount of herpes viruses and is therefore highly infectious.

If the blisters open on their own after a day or two, smaller sores will form, which will crust over again after a few days. After this stage, the blisters turn into ulcers. After 4 to 6 days, the wounds begin to heal and new skin is formed on them.

How to manage herpes?

HSV is usually very important for sufferers because of its huge impact on appearance. Also, its pain may require drug treatment in some people. Of course, after a maximum of two weeks from the onset of symptoms, cold sores heal without any complications.

People suffering from HSV should avoid stress and anxiety as much as possible and support their immune systems with a healthy diet, adequate sleep, and regular exercise.

In addition, to prevent the transmission of the herpes virus from the lips to other parts of the body such as the eyes, you should not touch the affected area. Never manipulate the blisters and do not scratch their surface and do not try to burst or puncture the blisters. Because the liquid inside is very infectious and may cause serious complications by spreading to other parts of your body.

Is herpes contagious?

Unfortunately, we should say that yes! As we mentioned before, herpes is caused by viruses. Therefore, you should know that skin contact with a person with herpes can easily transmit the HSV virus or the virus that causes herpes to other people. An infected person means a person who has symptoms of herpes.

You can get the virus by kissing, touching your fingers to your mouth, or your eyes. Also, this virus may spread to your body by sharing contaminated items such as towels, etc.

Although the herpes virus is not airborne, it has been shown to survive on hard surfaces. So you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds and, if necessary, use hand sanitizer liquid or gel.

Avoid close contact with those who have known symptoms of the virus. Not touching your mouth, eyes, and nose are all ways you can protect yourself from getting this virus and spreading it to others.

Home remedies

Olive oil The first and most useful way to treat herpes is olive oil.
Dip a small sterile cotton ball in olive oil and place it in your navel.
Fix it in the navel for at least 12 hours.
After about 24 hours, herpes will heal.

Black pepper As an anti-viral medicine, black pepper has the ability to deal with the herpes virus. As soon as the initial symptoms of herpes appear and before the blisters open, you can clean the surface of herpes and around it with a solution of pepper in warm water.

mint oil
mint oil is also a useful compound for the treatment of HSV. One study concluded that topical application of mint oil may be effective in preventing recurrent HSV infections. Regular consumption of this oil is the best way to get rid of HSV. Put some mint oil on a cotton ball and place it directly on the cold sore.

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil has strong antiviral properties and can destroy the virus causing the infection (herpes simplex virus) and speed up the healing process. Put a few drops of tea tree oil on the ear cleaner.
Gently rub the ear cleaner on herpes.

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