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What is lichen planus disease and what are its symptoms?
Lichen Planus is an itchy and chronic genetic disease of the skin. In this disease, you can see the form of papules in the wrists, feet, and other areas of the body such as the skin of the trunk and genitals. It is an autoimmune disease. That is, in this disease, the body acts against the natural parts of the person’s own skin, mucus, hair or nails. Of course, sometimes this process starts due to the entry of an external factor such as medicine or a microbial agent.

Types of lichen planus disease
There are different types of lichen planus that can affect other areas besides the skin. And based on the organ and organ it involves, it can include the following. skin
Hair and nails
This condition rarely appears in the mucous membrane of the mouth, genitals, scalp and hair, nails, and face without itching. This disease causes hair loss, destruction of nails and resistant mouth ulcers, and even local destruction of facial skin with the formation of dark spots.

The cause of lichen planus

The main cause of this disease is not yet known. The information obtained so far about this disease indicates that:

This disease is not contagious; That is, it is not transferred from one person to another.
Stress can worsen this disease.
It is also possible that this disease is related to the hepatitis C virus.
This virus causes liver diseases.
Some medicines also increase the possibility of this disease, which you should consult with a dermatologist.

Symptoms and signs

Symptoms of lichen planus usually present with raised purple lesions that are often very itchy. However, it may manifest in different ways in different people. This disease can affect any part of the body, but it usually affects the wrists and feet. Sometimes lichen planus lesions are formed at the skin scratch site, which is called Kübner’s phenomenon. It may involve only a part of the wrist and foot or, on the contrary, almost the entire surface of the skin.

Unlike eczema lesions, lichen planus lesions are macular and flat and less than one centimeter in diameter. The color of its lesions is purple – brown with a network of white lines. The itching of these lesions is not so severe that it leads to scratching, and it is usually seen in the areas of the wrists, feet, and back. There is even a form of lichen planus that manifests itself only in the form of darkening of the skin.

Treatment of lichen planus

This problem is a chronic disease, but in many cases, it disappears completely within two years or its progressive effects stop. In the treatment of this disease, doctors usually prescribe topical cortico – steroids and sometimes oral steroids. In most cases, doctors can control the itching with oral anti – histamines and improve the appearance of the lesions.

Prevention Methods

You can take measures to prevent the complications of this skin disease. Even these things can help to make progress in the healing process:

In the case of the oral type, it is necessary to avoid things such as smoking, salty foods or spices.
You should not scratch or wound the skin lesions created in any way.
Stress management can be an effective step in preventing the progression of this disease.
Upon realizing that you have this disease, it is necessary to see a doctor.
If there is lichen planus and mucosa, you must consult a doctor for further examination.

Home Remedies

Consumption of foods containing vitamin A and vitamin B9
Some studies show that people with lichen planus have folate or vitamin B9 deficiency. Therefore, it is not bad for people with this disease to increase their intake of foods containing folate. Vegetables, beans, lentils, and citrus fruits are among the ingredients that have a good amount of folate.

In addition, another study showed that placing rethionic acid (vitamin A acid) on lichen planus in the mouth and genitals can help treat lichen planus. According to the same study, it is possible that consuming more vitamin A is useful in reducing the symptoms of lichen planus. To get vitamin A, you can eat carrots, tomatoes, and beef liver.

Sun exposure
Vitamin D is completely related to the body’s immune system and we know that lichen planus is, of course, an autoimmune disease in some cases. To get vitamin D, you can be exposed to the sun for more minutes or you can use this vitamin supplement.

Drinking valerian tea:
In fact, valerian is one of the relaxing plants that is usually beneficial to relieve anxiety. Since one of the possible causes of lichen planus is stress and anxiety, it may be useful to consume valerian tea in the herbal treatment of this problem.

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