The manicure is a treatment and beauty method for fingernails that we can do at home or in a nail salon. Manicure includes filing, nail shaping, placing nails in warm soapy water, massage, and applying nail polish or polish.

In fact, one of the things that make us feel more beautiful is nail care. Nail care is as important as skin and hair care. In order to know what type of nail or nail polish design is suitable for your hands. You must first familiarize yourself with the types of nail manicures. Before going to beauty salons, it is better to see photos of nail manicure models and nail manicure designs at least once. There are different types of nail manicure models, each depending on your skin type, nail type, or your taste. In this article, we have tried to briefly explain them to you. Using manicure services at home, an expert nail technician can come to your home and manicure your nails artistically.

Basic type or natural type

This treatment includes cutting and filing your nails to your desired shape and length, cuticle grooming, a hand massage, and regular nail polish. Any other manicure you get is based on this method.

Acrylic type

First, let’s explain exactly what acrylic nails are. A nail technician mixes a liquid (monomer) and a powder (polymer). And it uses it to create a solid nail coat or reinforcement that goes over your nail. They can be traditional nail shapes, or different depending on the creativity of your technician. In addition to benefiting from standard manicure elements, they decorate acrylic nails with creative nail designs in different designs and colors.

With acrylic nails, you can give them a wonderful shape regardless of the shape of your real nails. The manicurist can lengthen your nails as much as you like and are comfortable with. And of course, in this situation, nails are an excellent canvas for amazing nail art works by creative and skilled nail artists.

Acrylic nails may break due to daily use. New nail growth around the acrylic tip can be quite noticeable after a few weeks. They can also be very expensive.

Gelish or shellac manicure

Gel manicure; It creates a transparent and gelatinous color effect, like colored glass on the nails. These materials are made of clear acrylic that is engraved on the nail to make your nail look more beautiful.

Shellac is the main brand of gel nail polish. Manicurists use it in the same way as polishing, but it is harder and more flexible. You can still enjoy all the nail shaping and care elements of a basic manicure. But Shellac gel is used instead of traditional nail polish. It dries quickly under a UV lamp.


Gel nail polish is hard. They don’t chip like traditional polishes and they don’t lose their shine quickly. You can really expect them to look as shiny after a few weeks as they did the day you had them restored. There is a huge selection of colors and they are really attractive and lovely.


A gel manicure is a little more expensive than a regular manicure, but it’s worth spending a little extra to get prettier nails. Removing gel or shellac can be a bit more complicated to avoid damaging the nail. It is recommended to have them removed by a professional. The risk of damaging your nails is slightly higher with gel compared to polish.

Dip powder manicure

Again, it has all the previous steps of a manicure. Glue is used before the nails are dipped in colored powder.

Benefits of dip powder manicure:

You don’t have to wait for the dip powder nails to dry under the UV light. Typically, you can expect powder nails to last a bit longer than gel nails.


Some people really like the smoothness of gelish manicures. With the dipping powder, the nail texture is a little different and some women are not too fond of it. Thinning nails may be a long-term concern. Since the bonding process is similar to acrylic, it’s best to rest your nails between manicures.

Paraffin manicure

paraffin manicure; Suitable for very dry hands. Also, this method improves muscle and joint pain. To do this, you put your hands in a container containing hot paraffin wax for a few minutes.
This treatment hydrates the skin, cuticle, and nails. In addition, this manicure method prevents nails from breaking.

Japanese manicure

The purpose of Japanese manicure is not to decorate nails but to improve their health. In all types of Japanese manicure, a special paste (from seaweed and beeswax) is used on the surface of the nail to make it look brighter.
Finally, they cover the nail with marine pearl powder. So you can have, shiny, healthy, beautiful nails with a natural appearance.

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