masala tea

What is masala tea?
The origin of masala goes back to India. This tea is a combination of different ingredients and spices such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper. You can make masala tea at home by combining these ingredients. Masala tea has a sweet and spicy taste and is famous for its pleasant aroma. Unlike regular tea, which is made only with water, masala tea can be prepared with hot water or warm milk.

Masala tea may improve heart health and blood sugar

Evidence suggests that masala tea may be good for the heart. Animal studies show that cinnamon, one of the ingredients in masala, may lower blood pressure. In some people, cinnamon reduces total cholesterol, bad cholesterol (LDL), and also triglycerides by 30%.

May lower blood sugar levels
Another property of masala is better to control of blood sugar. The reason for this is the presence of ginger and cinnamon, both of which may have beneficial effects on blood sugar levels. For example, studies have shown that cinnamon may reduce insulin resistance by 10 to 29 percent. Less resistance to insulin makes it easier for the body to use insulin to carry sugar in the blood and transport it to the cells, which can help lower blood sugar levels.

It may help with weight loss

We have already heard that one of the properties of green tea is to help lose weight. But it is good to know that one of the benefits of masala tea is helping to lose weight and burn fat. This tea may be useful in preventing excess weight and helping to burn fat in several different ways. Masala tea is usually prepared with cow’s milk or soy milk, both of which are good sources of protein.

Protein is a nutrient that helps reduce hunger and make you feel full. Therefore, masala tea is more effective than other teas in reducing hunger and preventing overeating during the day. You can even drink this tea as a snack.

This tea increases energy

Black tea is one of the ingredients in a masala that contains caffeine and increases the body’s energy level. Caffeine alone has negative effects on the health of the body if consumed in excess. Meanwhile, other masala ingredients help to balance the amount of caffeine in it. So, Masala spices give you balanced energy.

One of the other properties of masala tea is that it is considered an excellent option for strengthening the body’s immune system. Cloves and cinnamon in this tea increase physical strength. Masala tea creates a defense line and does not allow infections to enter the body. Therefore, these properties of masala make it an effective drink to strengthen the immune system.

It has anti – oxidant properties
Black tea in masala tea also has very strong anti – oxidant properties. The cloves in the masala help to reduce blood cholesterol levels. This increases good cholesterol or HDL. Masala tea reduces plaque formation. In fact, plaque leads to blocked arteries and leads to heart disease. Masala spices help control heart rate and blood pressure.

Masala increases the body’s metabolism

A fast metabolism is necessary to stay fit and healthy, and it is a sign of the proper functioning of the body’s organs. In fact, it indicates that the food is well digested and used effectively in the body. Masala also helps to increase body metabolism in a short period of time.

Reduces menstrual pain
One of the lesser known benefits of masala is to combat menstrual cramps. Most women suffer from abdominal pain and muscle cramps during PMS. The compounds in masala have calming effects on nerves and muscles. Also, the anti – inflammatory properties of various masala spices are effective in relieving menstrual pain.

How to prepare

  1. Roast pepper seeds, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, and fennel seed on low heat for two minutes until the aroma comes out. Turn off the heat and let the spices cool.

2.‌ Grind the spices using a grinder.

3. Take a large pot and pour water, ginger, and powdered spices into it. Put the pot on the heat and let it stay on heat for 20 minutes. Be careful not to boil the ingredients, otherwise, the spices will become bitter.

4. Add black tea and turn off the heat. Wait 10 minutes, then strain it.

5. If you like the tea to be sweet, put the strained mixture on the heat again and add some honey or sugar to it. Let it be on heat for 5 to 10 minutes. Then take it off the heat and let it cool.

6. Transfer the masala tea to a clean bottle and refrigerate. You can store the tea in the refrigerator for up to a week. To make masala tea, just mix some masala with hot water and hot cow’s milk or unsweetened vegetable milk.

Side effects of masala tea

Although Masala is known for its many health benefits. , you should consume it in moderation like any other drink. The black tea in masala contains caffeine, and if consumed in excess, it has negative effects on the body, including nausea and restlessness.

You can reduce your caffeine intake by making decaffeinated masala tea. Masala has many spices and therefore it is better for pregnant women to avoid its consumption. Masala compounds may cause hormonal imbalance if consumed in large quantities.

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