Non – alcoholic fatty liver

Fatty liver occurs in obese people, patients with diabetes, and people with high blood cholesterol. Also, the use of steroid and anabolic drugs and supplements, and self-medication play an important role in the development of the fatty liver. In pregnant women, due to hormonal changes, there is a possibility of fatty liver, which can even increase the risk of infections, bleeding, and even liver failure. Pregnancy fatty liver improves significantly within a few weeks after delivery.

Alcoholic fatty liver (liver cirrhosis)

It is seen in patients and people consuming a lot of alcohol and is related to the amount and duration of alcohol consumption (sometimes it also occurs in short-term alcohol consumption). Also, obese people, people with diabetes, and those who have high levels of iron have a higher risk of developing fatty alcoholic liver.


It is often without symptoms and is detected in periodic examinations and screening. Blood tests, ultrasounds, MRIs, and even liver biopsies will show the disease when needed. Doing unnecessary tests and repeated diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound is not helpful, so it is not recommended! It has four stages, the most common of which is stage one, in which there is only a relative increase in liver fat and is not dangerous.

Symptoms and Signs

The disease is often asymptomatic. But it can manifest over time and with increasing liver fat with the symptoms of fatty liver. Symptoms include pain, anorexia, extreme weakness, nausea, weight loss, and darkening of the skin around the neck and armpits, and dull skin lesions.

Treatment & prevention

Regular exercise, especially aerobic and endurance exercise, and diets are the basis of treatment. The exercise that leads to weight loss and blood sugar and lipids can reduce liver fat. Studies have shown that regular exercise can reduce liver fat, even if it does not lead to weight loss! Patients should avoid saturated fats, sugar, salt, cigarettes, and foods high in carbohydrates such as sweets and rice. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is useful. Medications are used only due to scientific necessity and limited amount, which should only be done with a doctor’s prescription. Although vitamin E can play a role in the treatment of the disease, its improper consumption is extremely harmful. In general, fatty liver is an easy and preventable disease that can be prevented and treated. So double stress about this disease is not logical. There is no need for follow – up diagnostic – therapeutic short – term intervals.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle ( Silybum marianum ) is a plant originally from Europe that can now you can find throughout the world. This species is an annual or biennial plant of the family Asteraceae. This fairly typical thistle has red to purple flowers and shiny pale green leaves with white veins. Also, it has been used as an herbal remedy for a variety of ailments for centuries. Throughout the eastern United States, California, South America, Africa, Australia, and also Asia you can find thistle. . Historically, people have used milk thistle for liver disorders and gallbladder problems. It is promoted as a dietary supplement for hepatitis, cirrhosis, jaundice, diabetes, indigestion, and other conditions.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle Extract Equivalent 

Tablets are made from the seeds of the plant, each seed contains almost 4 – 6 % Silymarin. Our extract contains  68.8mg of Silymarin. Taken for Liver Detox. Milk thistle may appear to stimulate prolactin in Breast feeding Mothers due to possibly estrogenic activity. Detox & Liver Support

Liver Defense Max

Flush Toxins Help Sclerosis Fatty Alcohol Abuse Damage Detox. If you’re looking for a natural way to cleanse your liver. This one of a kind herbal blend is for you. It combines three time – honoured liver – health herbs with the antioxidant power of pure beet powder. It also can help rejuvenate your liver and optimize its ability to flush out toxins. With milk thistle seed, dandelion root, and burdock root, it’s a highly effective option for natural liver support.

Liver Tea 

A kind of tea with good support liver function. Drinking this tea, you can achieve lipid – lowering, hypoglycemic, qi and blood, soften blood vessels, lungs and expectorant, liver qi, detox, liver, and other effects.


This supplement helps to every aspect of healthy liver function. From helping during the clean process to helping the liver regenerate new cells to replace damaged cells. And, although Fatty Liver 4 Me is the friend of a healthy liver, it also offers a few other surprises that may benefit you or a family member and could save their life. But this supplement’s primary function is on liver health. The liver is the organ in the body that processes the nutrients that we put into our bodies, as well as any drugs, chemicals, alcohol.

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