new variants of Omicron

Corona originated from the People’s Republic of China for the first time
and caused the death of millions of people in the world. Now, after 3 years of the spread of this virus in the world, the cases of corona infection are increasing in some countries. And this issue has worried the world community. The new variants of Omicron (XBB and BQ.1 ) are the subvariants of corona virus that have attracted global attention. The new sub – variants that come from the BA.2 subtype of the covid-19 are recently spreading around the world.

In fact , XBB is a combination of BA.2.10.1 and BA.2.75 sub – variants. This means that this new variant contains parts of two different viruses that infect the same hosts. They are exchanging some of their genes in the process. Also, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), XBB, is essentially an improved strain of Omicron. The group of researchers concluded that XBB and its subvariants do not need a new label. Because they are not that different from other Omicron subvariants.

Are XBB and BQ.1 more dangerous than other corona variants?

The risk of hospitalization is lower for the new variants XBB and BQ.1 compared to the delta variant. (WHO) warned that although the behavior of this subvariant may not be exactly the same as it has been in other parts of the world, people should not underestimate this virus. Many countries reported an increase in deaths caused by the corona virus. This increase can be seen especially in regions and countries where the vaccination process has been slower.

What are the symptoms of the new variants of Omicron?

The new XBB sub – variant has the same symptoms as its predecessors. Loss of sense of smell or taste is about 80% less with Omicron and its sub – variants compared to Delta. Because the new sub – variant of Corona XBB is from the Omicron family, its symptoms may be similar to Omicron. Sore throat is 8 times more common in cases of Omicron than other sub – variants. People whose illness starts with a severe sore throat are most likely infected with the new sub – variant of Corona Omicron.

The most common possible symptoms of the new XBB sub – variants are:

Runny nose
Moderate or severe weakness and lethargy
Nausea and vomiting
Stomach ache
Sneeze Cough
Severe sore throat

New variants of Omicron (BW.1 )

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, it has undergone many mutations and surprised the expert with new strains. Recently, Mexican scientists studied new mutations of the corona virus. They report the identification of a new mutation and the formation of a variant called BW.1.
BW.1 (BA., is a sub – variant of the Omicron, originates from the BA.5.6.2 family . And it has recently been seen in some countries.

Mexico is one of the important Latin American countries that have extensively sequenced and researched the genomes of SARS-CoV-2. These scientists have reported that the Yucatan Peninsula is one of the main routes of entry for SARS – CoV – 2 in Mexico due to a significant percentage of tourist arrivals and commercial activities.

Although Mexico is currently going through a post – stimulus wave (BA.2/BA.5) phase of the Covid-19 outbreak, genomic analysis of samples collected from the Yucatan during the past few weeks revealed a large outbreak of BW.1.

New studies show; This newly identified BW.1 variant contains mutations similar to the type (BQ.1) . That is why it has the ability to escape immunity.

What are the symptoms of Corona BW.1?

There are no reports yet on whether this strain causes more severe symptoms. Omicron infections usually cause less serious illnesses. And there is fewer rate of mortality report in the world.But a different behavior of its mutations has been seen. The most important thing that there is about this type of new strain of corona BW.1 is that the new strain has the ability to Can escape from the immunity caused by the vaccine.

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