Persian hogweed

Heracleum persicum, commonly known as Persian hogweed or by its native name Golpar is a species of hogweed, a plant in the carrot family Apiaceae. It grows wild in humid mountainous regions in Iran and some adjacent areas.

People use it as a flavoring and herbal medicine. It is interesting to know that when you dry it, the plant will emit more fragrance. You can add it to food as a spice and you can also use it as a tea. The benefits of this tea have made the use of this aromatic plant very popular.

Benefits of Persian Hogweed

The benefits of persian hogweed increasing the body’s anti – oxidants
Disruption of the balance of anti – oxidants and free radicals causes oxidative stress. Free radicals cause many health problems and increasing their level in the body is a factor in creating cancerous masses in the body. Free radicals also cause Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. For this reason, eliminating their damage to the body is very important. Anti- oxidants destroy free radicals and repair damaged cells. The properties of weed seeds increase the level of anti – oxidants in the body and strengthen the body’s immune system. Weed seeds increase the body’s resistance to diseases.

This plant has specific anti – inflammatory properties. Therefore, they are useful for treating diseases such as arthritis and gout that cause inflammation of bone joints and cause severe pain. This plant can reduce swelling and pain in arthritis and gout patients.

Properties of weed seeds for hair
One of the properties of Persian hogweed is to increase the body’s metabolism, which makes the nutrients that are necessary for hair growth to be stored and preserved in the body. This plant is rich in vitamin E, some minerals, and anti- oxidants, which stimulate the flow of oxygen and blood in the scalp. This plant actually helps combine oxygen with blood, which is useful for oxygenating hair cells and also repairs damaged hair. Blood supply strengthens the hair follicles, thus reducing hair loss and helping you to have thicker hair.
The use of these plant extracts helps to reduce markers for diabetes in patients.

Other benefits

Anti- fungal
It may be surprising to you, but hogweed seeds even have the ability to eliminate skin fungi. Skin fungi usually go to those whose immunity level is very low, although those who are very active during the day and are constantly active, such as athletes, may also suffer from this skin disease. You can eliminate many skin fungi by this plant.

Treatment of dark circles around the eyes with hogweed
Many people develop dark circles around their eyes over time. They try to remove this darkness with various chemical creams or injections of fillers. Hogweed tea compress can make the dark circles around the eyes lighter.

Complications of Persian Hogweed

Basically, Persian hogweed is almost poisonous when it is fresh, and that is why we need to dry it. Eating this plant may cause allergies or sensitivities in some people. Excessive eating can cause heart palpitations. The use of this plant in pregnant and lactating women is prohibited because in pregnant women it may lead to abortion. Patients with blood pressure who use chemical drugs should avoid taking it with their drugs at the same time.

There is also a possibility of medicinal interaction with blood thinners and you should avoid using of weed seeds with these drugs. Women who are dealing with breast cancer or other types of cancer related to hormones should not use it. The use of this plant is also prohibited for diabetics and those with intestinal and stomach ulcers.

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