What is rhinoplasty or nose surgery?
Rhinoplasty is a surgery to change the structure of the nose, which can be done to improve the function or beauty of the nose. Rhinoplasty to improve the function of the nose, which is also called nose repair, consists of smoothing the cartilage and dividing bone inside the nose. This type of operation is to improve breathing and relieve nasal congestion and smooth the side walls of the nose.

Cosmetic rhinoplasty is the change of the outer structure of the nose to improve the balance and appearance of the face. When a patient uses surgery for the first time to change the structure of the nose, the probability of the operation being successful is higher. A secondary rhinoplasty can be used when an additional surgery is needed to correct the appearance of the nose or improve breathing.

What problems can rhinoplasty solve?

The size of the nose
hump nose
A low angle between the nose, lips and tip of the nose
wide nose
The size of the nostrils
A long distance from the tip of the nose to the face
Absence of nasal congestion
Inappropriate appearance after surgery

Complications of rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty, like other procedures, can have complications and benefits. Some of these side effects are normal and disappear after a few days. In the following, you will learn about the complications of this surgery:

Asymmetry of the nostrils:

The doctor measures the nostrils of people precisely before the operation. But it is possible that the problem of asymmetry of the nostrils may arise due to the swelling after the operation. These cases disappear after inflation is resolved and reduced.

Other complications

Saddle shaped nose:

This problem occurs due to the excessive size of the bone behind the nose. If the doctor is inexperienced and not careful in the measurement, these complications will occur.

Damage to the skin of the nose:

If the doctor is not careful during the operation and damages the skin of the nose, the skin may turn black and disappear. The worst complications after the operation are skin damage, which is very difficult to repair.

Excessive narrowing of the tip of the nose:

With this complication, the nose not only does not become beautiful, but also makes the person’s nose look unnatural and artificial.

Pig nose:

The right angle for the tip of the nose is 110 degrees for women and 90 degrees for men. If the doctor does not pay attention to this standard size, the tip of the nose will rise too much and its appearance will be unfavorable. This complication is called pig – shaped nose.

Over – shrinking of the nostrils:

In people who have fleshy noses or whose nostrils are too big, it is possible to achieve a proper appearance by reducing the nostrils. But if this shrinking is too much, the person loses the beauty of his nose and causes breathing problems.

Enlargement and reduction of the middle lobe of the nose:

If the doctor is not careful and does not place the middle lobe of the nose in a suitable place with the nasal lobes, it is possible for the lobes to be placed towards the inside or outside of the nose. In this case, it creates the appearance of ugliness in the profile of people.

Care before rhinoplasty:

Before nose surgery, care is necessary that people should pay attention to in order to have a better recovery period. In the following, you will learn about the care before nose surgery:

Do not use aspirin 2 weeks before surgery.
Tobacco and nicotine cause narrowing of blood vessels as well as impaired blood circulation, so avoid consuming it at least 2 weeks before rhinoplasty.
Avoid eating and drinking 8 hours before the operation.
Drink enough water the day before the operation.
Take a shower the day before the procedure. In addition to cleansing the body of any makeup, lotions and creams can also help you relax.
If you have nail polish, remove it.
Be sure to check how to get to the clinic or hospital you want to avoid stress on the day of the operation.
You should not wear jewelry on the day of the operation.
Avoid eating and drinking on the day of the operation.
Bring your tests and medical documents on the day of the operation.

Care after nose surgery:

In order to get a better result from your operation, you need to take care. The first 24 hours after the operation is the hardest time for recovery. The anesthetics have not worn off yet, and you may have a slight headache, swelling, bruising, and nosebleeds. You should take your medication and rest during this time. In the following, we discuss care after nose surgery:

Be sure to ask your doctor when is the best time to shower after rhinoplasty.
At least 24 hours after the operation, use a cold compress around the nose and under the eyes to reduce bruising and swelling.
Use liquids and mixed and soft foods for up to 24 hours. Avoid eating foods and fruits that require chewing, such as carrots, apples, etc.
After nose surgery, air travel is not recommended in the first days.
Sneeze or cough with your mouth open to avoid putting pressure on your nose.
Avoid pressure on the nose as it will cause bleeding.
Avoid eating salt.
Do not neglect the useful foods to reduce facial swelling. Pineapple juice, aloe vera and celery can help reduce facial swelling. To improve the taste of celery juice, you can mix it with carrot juice.
Place a pillow under your head while resting and sleeping.
Use a soft toothbrush.

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