What do you know about your face shape?

Knowing the shape of the face plays an important role in fashion and beauty. If you know the shape of your face, you can choose the right hairstyle, beautiful sunglasses, harmonious eyebrow model, and even the right makeup and good clothes for yourself. It is interesting to know that many women do not know what face shape they have. Therefore they make mistakes in their choices. While you can easily recognize the shape of your face with a few simple tricks.

The shape of the face is what you see when you look at the whole face in the mirror, the lines around the face, and these lines create a form that is the shape of your face. There are two ways to find the shape of your face without error, which you will learn in this article.

You should know that the shape of the face of no two people is exactly the same. And the purpose of recognizing the shape of the face is to know in which category the shape of your face is. Keep in mind that there is no precise demarcation between the shapes of the face, and sometimes the shape of a face may fall into two separate categories. Sometimes has both an oval shape and a heart shape, and it can not be a special category. Maybe in one method, you came to the conclusion that you have a round face, but the other method determines that you have a square face. Therefore you should consider both forms when choosing a hairstyle or eyebrow or other choices.

How to recognize the shape of the face with the help of a mirror

This is the simplest way to recognize the shape of the face that does not need to be measured. Although you need to be very careful to get the right conclusion. To do this, you need the following tools: a large mirror and an old but usable lip pencil. The mirror you choose should be larger than the dimensions of the face. The mirror should mount perpendicular to the floor on the wall and not at an angle to the wall (inclined mirrors do not give you the right result). Choose a pencil that you do not have to worry about breaking.

Now, to do the work, stand in front of the mirror and do not move. Gather the hair from the face so that the roundness of the face and its borders are completely clear. Keep your head parallel to the mirror, move away from the mirror so that your hand can easily reach the mirror. Your face should also be visible in the mirror. Take a lip pencil and drew the lines around your face with a pencil.

When you finish the whole face, move away from the mirror and check the form that you have drawn. This is the form of your face. Look at it carefully and decide if this shape is a circle or an oval, a square or an oblong, a heart or a triangle. This is the most difficult part of this method because it can be difficult to judge this form. But you can also get help from a friend, in. When the result is clear, you can based on this hairstyle or sunglasses or anything else Select this form.

measurements method

If you are not sure of the result you got in the mirror method, you can try the measurement method. So you need a flexible meter and paper and pen. You need to do three measurements to determine the shape of your face. Stand in front of a mirror and hold the meter in your hand and measure three parts of the face. These three parts are the width of the largest part of the forehead, the width of the largest part of the chin, and the length of the face, ie from the beginning of the forehead to the end of the chin.

Now that you have taken the measurements and written them down. You can get the shape of your face by comparing the sizes. Compare the width of the forehead and the width of the chin, whichever is larger is the width of your face:

If the width of your face is greater than the length of your face and your face lines are round, you have a round face. But if the face lines are angled, your face is square. If the length of the face is more than two centimeters larger than the width of the face and your chin lines are round, you have an oval face. But if the chin lines are angled, you have a heart shaped face.

The most attractive face shapes

The measurement gives you an accurate image of the shape of your face. And by combining the two methods, you can get the right result about the shape of your face. However, the classification of face shapes is not limited and dozens of sets can be considered for face shape. So you do not need to adhere to the rules of face shape, because sometimes things come to you that can not be justified and explained by any of these rules. So you can take risks and try new things, you will definitely get interesting results.

Everyone has a different opinion of what is considered beautiful and the most attractive face shape. So nobody can generalize anybody’s viewpoint. However, certain face shapes are considered quite attractive and stunning due to the different fashion trends. Square and oblong face shapes are often considered quite beautiful and popular because they have a wide jawline which makes the distance between the eyes quite wide. This makes the eye quite prominent and also emphasizes the smile of the person. People with oblong and square face shapes have broad and beautiful smiles. This is why they have the most attractive face shape. In Asia, people admire the v-shaped or heart face because it makes one look slim. ( source of this paragraph is new health advisor )

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