What is Social-Emotional Intelligence?Social -Emotional refers to your ability to understand and manage your own emotions and recognize the emotions of others.

Social Health

Social – Emotional refers to your ability to understand and manage your own emotions and recognize the emotions of others. Social health ( quotient ) also refers to the ability to know what to say and how to present oneself in different situations. People who are socially intelligent are effective listeners, possess savvy dialogic skills. They understand the importance of valuing the opinions of others. Social intelligence is a skill that you can learn and develop by observing social cues. So you can practice active listening and be respectful of cultural differences. Therefore we Wil survey social – emotional IQ separately.

People With High Social Intelligence

These people are extrovert. 

They have a special popularity among people. 

The people with high social intelligence are full of energy and happy.

They give positive energy to those around them. 

These people can easily convince others. 

They realize the needs and wants of others very quickly. 

Their relationship is very good. 

Their crisis management is excellent.

How To improve Our Social Health ( SQ)

We should have mental health

We should be a good listener firstly.

Balance between body and speech.

We should Participate in team works.

Focus on what others are saying.

We should control our emotions and especially behavior ( emotional intelligence ).

Reading books in this field.

Emotional Intelligence

Internal or personal emotional intelligence: In fact, this type of EQ refers to a person’s ability to understand their inner emotions. Emotional intelligence will eventually lead to the management of personal emotions. In fact, a person who has this type of EQ at a high level, with a lot of confidence can have very high control over their personal emotions. And of course, they can manage and control themselves well against the stresses. Read More

The Ways To Improve Of EQ

Understanding the feelings of others through nonverbal messages and their facial expressions ( body language ).

You must be active and receptive listening and association.

For improving EQ you should Understand for example the other person’s feelings, intentions, and thoughts.

Also you should be able to understand social relationships.

And of course we should can introduce ourselves effectively.

In addition, we should influence the outcome of our social interactions and guide their direction.

Take care of others and their needs and act accordingly. Read More

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