How the covid-19 (corona virus) spreads

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You have long read very simple ways to slow the spread of Covid-19 (Corona Virus ) in the prevention channel. Some of them may seem very ineffective, but here I want to show with numbers that the same seemingly ineffective movements are very effective in practice. If the reproduction rate of Covid-19 (corona virus) in a community is equal to 3, that is, each infected person has three, and the time required for the infection of these 3 people in one week, if no intervention is made and assuming that no If there is no limiting factor, the number of patients who become infected in the 16th week alone will be 43,046,721 (assuming this number exists in the community and the assumption mentioned earlier).

3.16 = 43,046,721

How to prevent the spread of the virus

Suppose we use the same very simple methods and the multiplication factor is reduced by only 0.2 to 2.8.
Four months later, the number of our patients is one third of the previous one:
2/8 ^ 16 = 14,273,435

So, if our methods reduce the multiplication factor from 3 to 1.5, this figure will be only 656.
To compare it with 43 million!

Suppose other small steps are observed and the multiplication factor is reduced to 1/4; This number will be 218. Small and large methods that can reduce the reproduction rate have already been proposed.
The most important of these are:
♦ Identify and quarantine patients
♦And of course, Masking the right way
♦ Observing the physical distance

Even very small things should not be neglected.
Let me remind you of some seemingly small things such as:
We saw that in some Western European countries, offices and companies were asked to open the doors of the rooms (airflow and no need to touch the handles)
We have seen that in large supermarkets in some countries, in the corridors between the shelves, one – way movement has been done with the help of arrows.

♦We have seen that in some countries, there are elevator guides and people have to stand in the elevator one behind the other.
♦ Also, we saw what to look for in a restaurant, in a barber shop, in a taxi, on a bus, and on a plane.
♦We saw what to do if we have to eat out.
And… Now we have seen what a great effect it would have in 4 months if such works reduced the reproduction rate by only “one tenth”.

The most important thing we can do is provide the right information.

We need to reach out to a large audience and convince them that these methods are very effective.
And also teach these methods correctly.
It is not uncommon to use 96% alcohol for disinfection and think that it is 70% more effective than alcohol, and there are many cases of such mistakes …

Covid-19 (Corona Virus) is expanding rapidly in the world,

But the number of people in the world who underestimate it is increasing!
We are used to a dangerous problem; such as, false, Or misleading and A lot of confusing information
They played an important role. But a very small group of people in the world have taken this problem too seriously,
A small group has taken it seriously
But the majority did not take it seriously!

Overcoming the new coronavirus requires the cooperation of “everyone”.
Overcoming the New Coronavirus, Against Which, Survival also requires the correct majority of information and the correct and timely operation.
Countries that fail to address this problem in a timely manner will be worn out.
Therefore the right information must replace the wrong information and reach everyone in a timely manner and be acted upon.
This requires the determination of a large number of people;
Before it’s too late.
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