Hairstyles For Men Fitting The Shape Of The Face

Hairstyles for Men, like hairstyles suitable for the shape of the face in women, have principles and rules that by following them, you will have a stylish men’s hairstyle.

Oval Face

As you know, hairstyles for men with the long face should be different from men’s hairstyles for round or square faces. If you know your face shape and are familiar with the right hairstyle for different types of face shapes, you can make your appearance more beautiful than it is.

If the length of your face is almost twice its width, the shape of your face is oval. The length of the face from the edge of the forehead to the tip of the chin and its width is the distance between the cheeks. This face shape is ideal for women, but not so ideal for men. But do not worry, we tell you what to do to look beautiful.

Hairstyles for men with oval face

To make your face look more beautiful, remove the hair from the forehead. First, pull the hair back, then open the side part. The purpose of opening the gap is to angle the face.
Classic men’s hairstyles are also suitable for you. In such a way that the sides of the hair are slightly shorter than the top of the head. In this case, too, make a side part.
Hairstyles that are cut in front of it and fall on the forehead are also suitable options for the oval face because it reduces the length of the face and helps it to become round. Avoid having long beards.

Hairstyles for men Square face

The ideal face shape for men is usually a square face. In this form, the length and width of the face are close together and the face is angled at the corners. So that when you look at it, you notice its square structure.

If your face is square, you can use a variety of short hairstyles. But you should know that very short hair makes the angles of your face more prominent.
Crushing the top layers of hair will make your face look more beautiful.
A side part is ideal for you.
Shaving can help enhance the beauty of your face

Hairstyles For Men Fitting The Shape Of The Face

Rectangular face hairstyles

The rectangular face has a combination of oval and square face features; That is longer than its width, but the corners of the face are angular.

Men’s hairstyles for oblong and rectangular face

Because it has a rectangular shape, if you want to keep the hair above the head long, you should not cut the sides (that is, the exact model that is fashionable these days is not suitable for you).
Use models with relatively long hair at the top and sides. Do not push back the sides of the hair with gel or other conditioners and let it fall on your temples.
You can put some hair on the forehead to reduce the length of your face and increase its width. Avoid having long beards.

Hairstyles Men with Round face

The round face is close in length and width but without angles. If your face is round, it is better to think of squaring it.

Men’s hairstyles for round face
Angle your face through your hair. You can keep the sides short, but be sure to give the upper part of the hair volume.
Curling and shaving all the hair is not a very interesting idea for you.
You can have a side part.

Diamond face shape

The length of the face is more than its width, it has an angle on the cheeks and the width of the chin and forehead is small.

Hairstyle suitable for diamond face
Lozenge facial hairstyles

Hairstyles that show a wider forehead are ideal for you.
Shaved and layered hairstyles are suitable for you. In fact, these models add volume to your hair.
Longer hairstyles that can be used to tuck the sides of the hair behind the ears are great for showing the angled bone of the rhombus face and adding to its charm.
It is better to make a very side part and cut the hair to one side.
A very small beard completes your charm. Avoid having long beards.

Heart-shaped face

This shape of the face, as its name implies, resembles a heart, so it is wide at the forehead and narrows as it approaches the chin.

Hairstyles suitable for heart face
Avoid very short hairstyles. These models intensify the narrowness of the chin and the width of the forehead.
So keep hair size medium. Chop the layers on the hair with pita scissors and reduce the volume with a razor.

Triangular face shape

The triangular face is the exact opposite of the heart-shaped face. That is, it has a narrow forehead and a wide jaw. Although this form of the face is not common and few people have a triangular face.

Suitable hairstyle for a triangular face
Given that this face shape is the opposite of a heart-shaped face, men’s hairstyles suitable for it are also the opposite. For example, instead of showing the front of the hair lightly, base it on showing the hair fully. This will add more width to the forehead.
Long hairstyles that reach the nose can cover the narrow sides of the face and show them fully. Try to avoid having a beard because your chin now looks wider.

Of course for all these you should have healthy hair

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