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Adding color to your lips can make a big difference in your facial features; So choosing the right color of lipstick can complement your makeup. And conversely, applying lipstick that does not suit your skin and hair color can waste the effort you put into your entire makeup. Therefore, choosing the right lipstick color for your makeup is very important. In this article, we will review the subtleties of choosing the right skin shape of lip and hair lipstick with you so that you can make the right choice.

Lipstick is a cosmetic product that is available in both liquid and solid form in the market and in cosmetic stores and sometimes in pharmacies. They are made of different materials and are mostly composed of three basic ingredients including wax, oil, and pigment.

Regarding these three main ingredients, we must say that the pigment is the same color as the lipstick. Waxes also have a spreadable shape and texture, and oils include oil, lanolin, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, castor oil, and minerals.

It is interesting to know that some people’s lips have light pigments, so a person can use natural, screaming, or attractive colors to give their face a fresh and fresh look without the need for a lot of makeup.

Choosing the right skin color lipstick

In fact, the first step in choosing the right lipstick color is to determine your skin color. Skin color is divided into 6 different types. 1. Light and blonde skin color 2. White skin color 3. Tan 4. Bronze or brown 5. Dark brown 6. Very dark or black. In the continuation of the article, you can get acquainted with the appropriate lipstick for different skin colors.

Lipstick suitable for skin color (light and blonde) and skin color (white):

Lipsticks that usually look great on fair skin are light pink, coral, peach, and also dark red.

Lipstick suitable for light brown:

Pink lipsticks such as pink rose, strawberry red, and orange are suitable colors for light brown skin and can give this skin a wonderful beauty.

Pretty Lipstick for tanned skin:

For women with tanned skin, coral, dark pink, and also light red lipsticks are the best options to choose their lipstick.

Suitable lipstick for dark skin:

Brown and purple lipsticks like wine or caramel lipstick are the best choices for women with completely dark skin.

Choosing the right lipstick for your hair color

Dark hair + light skin
Light pink and also cherry red are the best options.

Blonde hair + light skin
Light pink, purple and red, and magenta are good options.

Dark hair + tanned and dark skin
Golden beige, reddish brown and bronze colors are the best options.

Blonde hair + tanned and dark skin
Caramel, warm pink, and dark pink are good choices.

Brown hair + dark skin
Beige, coral, and warm pink are the best options.

Red hair + light skin
Warm pink, coral, and reddish brown are good choices.

Suitable lipstick for teens

Girls usually start using cosmetics, especially lipstick, from the age of 15. But teen makeup has its principles and rules.

It is better for teenage girls to use softer colors that are close to the natural color of the lips, such as light pink, or peach lipstick.

Gentle Shine Lipstick (Shine)
Shine color is one of the most popular colors that will give your face a lot of beauty and charm with its gloss.

Colored lip balm
Lip balm gives a feeling of softness to girls’ lips and is a good emollient. With this cosmetic and care product, you will not need any lip gloss, because it has a beautiful radiance that makes your and your teens’ lips shine naturally. Some lip balms have a light color and can be easily used instead of lipstick.

Lipstick suitable for all types of lip shapes

Small Full lips
It is better to paint their lower lip with light colors and the upper lip with slightly darker tones of the same color.

Large lower lips
Bright and natural colors are the best lipstick colors for those who have bigger lower lips.

Asymmetric lips
If your lips are asymmetrical, it is best to use a lipstick similar to or close to the lipstick color as a lip liner. So this will create better symmetry for your lips.

Thin lips
If your lips are thin, do not use dark and shiny colors. Because it makes your lips look thinner. When choosing the right lipstick color for thin lips, go for bright and shiny colors to make your lips look bigger. Choosing the right color is one of the things you should pay attention to highlighting your lips with makeup.

Large full lips
Do not use colors that are too bright and shiny. Because these colors make your lips look bigger than they really are.

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