What is a wild artichoke?

The Wild artichoke is a spring plant also known as Gundelia tournefortii or desert artichoke, which grows in the mountains in the spring. This plant has prickly leaves and thick stems. It is very useful to our health and people also widely use it as a home remedy. The wild artichoke is rich in vitamin C, K, Folic acid, and high amounts of vitamins, fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium. Also, it contains copper and zinc, and there is about 18 Kcal per 100 grams of raw wild artichoke.

Some people use wild artichoke in raw form in salads and cooked in artichoke stews, artichoke soups, and also local dishes. This plant is found around the mountains from spring to mid – summer

Wild Artichoke is useful for Diabetes

Some research has shown The Wild artichokes can detoxify the liver by helping to improve liver function, preventing diabetes, and raising blood sugar. In fact, Silymarin and flavonoids in artichoke reduce high blood cholesterol and prevent high blood sugar in people with diabetes.

Wild Artichoke is good for kidney and liver

These leaves have diuretic properties and help cleanse and detoxify the kidneys by increasing the amount of urine.

Research has shown that these leaves contain high levels of silymarin and caffeic acid, which protect the liver against infection. In addition, Artichoke fruit protects the liver from damage by chemicals, alcohol, and other toxins. And it helps treat jaundice and liver failure by detoxifying the blood.

gastro – intestinal system and wild artichoke

Wild artichoke contains high amounts of fiber that helps improve digestion, treats anorexia, and also strengthens the stomach and gastro – intestinal tract. Inulin in artichoke reduces harmful bacteria and increases beneficial bacteria in feces. Inulin detoxifies the intestines and thus prevents small bowel cancer.

It reduces Blood pressure

Also, wild artichokes contain amounts of potassium, which helps reduce high blood pressure in people. Its leaf and root extract are used to prevent fat deposition in the walls of arteries.

It helps to lose weight

The high fiber and low calorie content of wild artichoke reduces appetite in obese people. And it helps to lose weight by preventing overeating.

Also, Silymarin in artichoke leaves reduces cholesterol and blood triglycerides. Therefore it strengthens the heart to prevent cardio – vascular disease and heart attack.

Anti Inflammatory

Wild artichoke tea can helps to reduce inflammation, and it is useful for treating joint pain, rheumatism, and arthritis. It is also useful for treating varicose veins.

Anti cancer

Silymarin in artichoke has anti – cancer properties and is useful for the prevention and treatment of prostate, skin, breast, and cervical cancers.

Helps Treat Anemia

Artichoke also contains significant amounts of copper, which increases red blood cells and helps treat anemia by improving blood flow.

Harms of Wild Artichokes

Some research said that Excessive consumption of artichoke cause gallbladder contraction, so people with gallstones should be careful in consuming it. Pregnant women, children, and patients with severe liver or kidney disease should avoid wild artichoke leaves.

Recipe of the wild artichoke stew

1- Chop the onion and fry it in oil. Then add the stewed meat to the onion and fry it. Add a little turmeric and pepper and cook with 4 glasses of water.

2 – Clean the wild artichoke (make sure that the artichoke has very razor sharp, so be careful not to hurt your hands) Then wash them clean and change the water a few times to remove if there are mud and dirt inside the tissue.

3- Chop the wild artichokes to the size of 3 centimeters and fry in oil. Then fry the chopped mint and parsley in the same oil and set aside.

4 – After 40 minutes when the meat is half cooked, add artichoke, mint, and parsley to the meat. Then add salt and lemon or orange juice to the stew. And put it on a gentle heat for 30 minutes to fit the stew.

5 – Shortly before removing the stew from the heat, add melted saffron to it and your stew is ready to serve.

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